What to expect after your dog’s stay - kaharoa kennels

What to expect after your dog’s stay

Feel free to ask to look around, we love pet parents who take an interest.

1 – Your dog will likely be hungry on return. Yes, we did feed him/her. We feed all natural dog biscuits, we keep a variety of brands, plus dog roll,  for super fussy eaters. Some weight loss is also normal due to increased exercise and the over stimulating environment.

Occasionally, pets do not eat as much while they board, so it is “normal” for them to play catch up once they return home. At daycare, pets are not fed. Just like kids when he gets home from school, they have usually built up a huge appetite playing all day!

2 – “Bailey drank a whole bowl of water when she got home….was she given water while she was there?”

A: All pets have access to water during their stay. All kennels have outdoor water troughs and indoor water bowls and in the paddock’s there are troughs and paddling pools for them. It is also normal for pets to feel more comfortable drinking water when they return home and aren’t so over stimulated.

3 – Chances are, “Fido” will be worn out when he/she gets home! If we did our job, Fido had lots of play time and exercise while boarding or in daycare. There is so much activity that Fido is likely over stimulated and excited. Because of this, his sleeping patterns changed in the time he was. He just needs to catch up on his zzzzz’s!! Typically, after a goodnight’s sleep, and a day or 2 of rest depending on their fitness level he’ll be back to normal. I usually feel like sleeping a lot when I come home from vacation as well!

4 – “My dogs’s stool is loose or different. Has she been having diarrhea while she was away?

A: First of all, if she was having diarrhea we would have noticed. If we were concerned it was more than a tummy upset due to change in food or setting, we would have contacted you and started medication.

Secondly, pets often experience excitement when returning home or staying away. Plus, they are often rewarded with treats/chews upon arriving home. So this “excitement” leads to colitis, a common cause of loose or watery stool.

We take every precaution to prevent viruses and parasites from being passed along. Stalls/runs and cages are sterilized with Sterigen and dilute bleach solution. We require dogs to be checked and treated for parasites (Fleas and Worms. This is the reason: some of the parasites we see are easily spread between dogs (Coccidia and Giardia) and are not prevented by monthly heartworm preventatives. We have staff that clean/scoop fecal material as soon as possible!

5 -Dogs may return home with a wound, bite or torn ear, they are walked together and play, run and do silly things, it’s important to remember;

We certainly do our best to prevent injury but just like children, accidents happen. If you are concerned about your pup please contact your vet.

Our goal and hope is that your pet returns home happy and healthy! Of course, there is always a chance your pet may get sick or injured while in our care, but we do everything we can to prevent it. We aim to have smiles and wags all around!