Grooming & Dog Wash - kaharoa kennels

Grooming & Dog Wash

Available Monday to Friday

Molly our other groomer has been grooming about 2 year & has been trained by Tash (our old head groomer), Molly also has a certificate in animal care.

All prices depend on how long it takes to groom your dog, we charge extra if your dog is particularly matted or snappy as it takes longer to groom these dogs. Our policy on matted dog is to clip the knots out. The welfare of your pet is paramount & we are not going to hurt your dog to get knots out.

*There is no standardized summer, short, winter or not too short cuts, please be specific.

Full groom (includes bath, dry, nails, hygiene clean up, clip all over)

Wash & Dry

De shedding wash, dry, brush, *pricing depends on how long it takes to de-shed your dog*